Mynewt DW1000 vs Segger Embedded Studio

Dear all,

We are developping our own HW with DW1000 and nRF52832. We are evaluating use Mynewt OS or Segger Embedded Studio (free license for nRF52).

I have installed Mynewt OS, Mynewt examples (app, core and timeable) and GNU tools, even a free IDE for debugging (Visual Studio Code).

At this point I not sure what IDE/OS is better to use, since we don’t use a specific decawave module and their bsp.

Another doubt that we have is if we can use the “decawave-dw1000-apps” with any IDE for develop code, debug, view the cpu registers, etc. We are trying Visual Studio Code, but we have some difficulties to understand how it works (pkg.yml and syscong.yml files), because we have not experience on this. I know that they consist of a single build file, which provides all of the required metadata for the package manager, plus the build steps involved to produce a package. But I expected to have a project, with a configuration for setting the compilers tools, includes path, etc.

Finally, is it possible to export apps, core and timeable code to Segger Studio?