Must program tag twice for config options to take effect

Does anyone have any clue why I need to program a tag twice with a modified dwm-simple.c after erasing the original hex and reflashing with the firmware image? I have modified dwm-simple.c to edit config options of my tag when I run the program, but for some reason I need to build and run twice before I can see changes on the DRTLS app.


I was not using the dwm_reset() function after dwm_cfg_tag_set(). However, even with this change, I have a new problem. The 3 LEDs blinking fast (indicating bootloader active) now just blink continuously upon programming. Can anyone help with this issue? Thanks in advance.


when the module starts, the bootloader will blink twice all the LEDs.

If the module keeps blinking that might indicate something happened with the RTLS firmware. You might have erased it accidentally or the firmware is invalid. You can recover that by reflashing again the module using PANS firmware.