Multipurpose frame filtered

With frame filtering enabled, I can not receive a multipurpose frame with a short FC, short source address, and no PAN ID. The FC is one byte: 0x45, next follows one byte seqNo, then two bytes source address. (in hex: 45 01 69 93) According to my understanding of 802.15.4 this should be a legal frame.

I can receive multipurpose frames with a long source address (FC: 0xC5).

I tried several variations of the multipurpose frame with a short source address (long FC, add PAN ID,…), and fail to receive any of them.

I get status bit ARFE (frame filtered).

I can receive the frame when frame filtering is disabled (DWT_FF_DISABLE), but not when frame filtering is enabled (DWT_FF_ENABLE_802_15_4). All packet types are enabled (0xffff) so also DWT_FF_COORD_EN and DWT_FF_IMPBRCAST_EN are set.

How can i configure the DW3000 frame filter to accept this frame?