Multiple zones in a single network


I have seen the below mentioned image in System Overview Guide:

Let’s name the small mini-network on left side as Z1 and one on right side as Z2. To my understanding, these Z1 and Z2 belong to single network. Can anyone tell me if I need different initiators for Z1 and Z2 or single inititator will do the work? Also, if a tag is present in Z1, will it automatically get configured in Z2, if it moves to that area?


Hi Hanish,

if the Z1 and Z2 are in range with each other, i.e. at least some Anchor in Z1 can see at least some Anchor in Z2, then you would need only one Initiator.

If they are not in range, then you would need 1 Initiator in each of the zone.

The Tag will be able to locate in both Z1/Z2 if both have the same PANID / NetworkID as the Tag.


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