Multiple responders with one initiator- DWM1001


I have the ss_twr_init and responder example running on 2 modules.
I want to achieve communication between 1 initiator with 4 responders. this to get the distances from 4 responders read out of the initiator but I didn’t know how to make it.

Thanks for any suggestions on this.

Hey there. On the example you can see the message sended to the responder. Try to mess with that first and understand the way you have to work with them. Then imagine that each anchors has is own id and format each message according too.
PS - try to search the way that the messages in uwb are formed so you can see how to make something like you want.
Dont forget the timers delays and messages size. If may need to adjust some of them depending the way you want to format your messages.

@ruigomes thnak you for you response
yeah I am trying to make

Hello, I am attempting to create a similar setup with one initiator and at least 3, at most 10 responders (though very unlikely that this many responders will be needed) with the ss_twr examples as a starting point. As far as I understand and have experienced, the answers from the responders must be interleaved to prevent interference. What method/built-in functions would you suggest to use for delaying the message of the responders and how much time should there be between the answers of responders, e.g. 100 ms? Thanks in advance!

Hey there!. I dont know if i understand your question well but you want to know how can you make your tag talking to all of your anchors and not getting interferance right?
Well if that so, first of all, and it is probably a guess TDMA. This is the way to actually apply Time of Flight or in case of this tech RToF (TWR). And that time you refer must be defined counting the number of anchors you gona use and the time that a ranging protocol takes to each one.
Hope I could help.

Thank you for the suggestions! I am currently attempting to create such an infrastructure, although I’m kinda lost at the moment. Do you (or anybody else) have any source files for such an implementation? I believe it would be of great help to me if I saw an example, I would be grateful.

@SgtPepper , I can help, I have an open source solution to do that, google “uwb meshposition” and I’ll give you more details in pm.