Multiple anchors and one tag - UART

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[color=#24292e][font=-apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont,]I just bought 5 DWM1001-DEV, I flashed on with the SES project ss_twr_init and one with ss_twr_resp, they work fine, like a charm. But my problem is, how can I get the distances of all anchors into one tag? Can I use the example project? Do I need to do anything for frame filtering? Do I need to change the id for each anchor?[/font][/color]

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Hi Hadi,

The ss_twr example use case is only to get the range between two devices. There is no concept of anchors or tags, but only initiator and responder.

If you wish to implement an RTLS network with anchors and tags, you need to use PANS software (delivered by default with DWM1001 but you may have reflashed your boards with ss_twr example)

You can find PANS at the link below :

Please refer to the documentation below for more details about the system :

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Thank you for response. Just to clarify, if I flash Factory_Firmware_Image can I configure all my DWM1001 into a network? like anchors and tags?

Yes, If you wish to set anchors and tags (create a full RTLS system), then you need to use the factory image (PANS firmware : positioning and networking stack for dwm1001).

Please take a look at the documentation I have sent, it should really help.

You can also watch the video below :


Thanks I’ll try when I get home, and I’ll update this thread



So I managed to re-flash them with factory image using virtual box, then from android application I configured my network, following the YouTube video. Worked like a charm. The only issue is when I move the tag around it doesn’t get update quick enough, it disappear for few seconds then re-appear with the updated position, then if I move the tag it disappear again.

Do anchors need to be above tags?

I’m planning to have 4 anchors on the floor(10m x 5m) and a tag attach to Drone

My other question is? can I get all the data of the network from the tag trough UART?

Thanks in advance

Try to increase the tag’s update rate. You can configure it via the android app over the air. Also, try to provide the tag and anchors with a LOS environment.
You can get the data through UART. Check out the api-guide pdf.