Multi nodes with multi tags


We are developing handheld device. Each device should monitor position of each other.
For base example we use BETA_PDOA_KIT_RELEASE_2.0 this example designed for one node with multi tags. But our system require multi nodes too.

  1. Do you have decision for multi nodes and multi tags system with TWR?
  2. Can node and tag work simultaneously on one device?
  3. Cold you tell me about Slots management. Is this done automatically in the DW?
  4. What accuracy and limitations of PDoA method without TWR. Could you share examples and docs for it?

Please, suggest good decision for easy infrastructure.
Thank you.

In Beta PDoA kit you have Slot 0. This slot is reserved for the purpose of scalability. I.e. you can implement 802.15.4 or 802.15.8 and use Slot 0 to coordinate your multi-node solution.

Don’t wait, just do it!

Hello Alexander,

Thanks for you reply.

Have you experimented it in practice?