"mqtt_topic_prefix" name

Hi Team,

I have a system (DWM1001 R2 based) with two gateways (one of which acts as a proxy), 6 anchors and 2 tags.
I used an external broker (Mosquitto) to collect the data.
Everything works well.

I need to identify the data coming from the gateways.
To do this, I modified the “mqtt_topic_prefix” parameter in the
configuration files.

All uplink messages work properly, the problem
is found when I try to do the “data downlink” topic.
(i.e. / mqtt_topic_prefix / node / id / downlink / data).

It seems that the proxy_daemon only accepts the topic in the following format:
“Dwm / node / id / downlink / date.”

I performed the tests with the following prexif formats:

  • “idGateway”
  • “dwm / idGateway”

Does the proxy daemon read the config file to manage the “downlink” data?
How can I solve this problem?
Is it possible to insert the “/” character in the “mqtt_topic_prefix”?
Is the source code of the daemon available?


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Hi Massimo,

thanks for the feedback. It’s a bug in the DWM Daemon.
The source code is not available yet but it might change (I do not know if and when).