Moving Anchors


is it possible to use the MDEK1001 modules as moving anchors for ranging? Anchors will be at a fixed distance between one another attached to a moving platform. Tags will move around the moving platform.

I am interested in the relative distance between the moving anchors and the tags, more than a fixed location on a map.


Hi Belforti,

In theory, anchors are meant to be fixed in a PANS network.

Can you send a photo or drawing or your setup ?

If anchors move but remain fixed relatively to each other (so each anchor is on the platform and the full platform moves), then it may work but you’ll have to track the platform movement differently. Also the tag will be free to move near the platform.

Thank you,

You can use “les” command to enable printing of tag-anchor distances on the tag or listener device. Is this what you need? See DWM1001 API guide, User Manual docs.

Hi Yves,

I don’t have a photo or drawing, but imagine a large boat trying to locate other small boats around it using several anchors around the boat.

We are interested in collision avoidance more than movement on a map. I imagine a radar-like solution in which the center would be the ‘boat’ and we can map the distance to the center and the angle (or quadrant) estimated by the physical location of the anchors.


Hi Belforti,

Yes in this case the technology will work. It will provide the location of tagged devices relatively to the current position of the anchored object.

So basically you’ll get the position of the small boats relatively to the big boat. If you need the position of the big boat, you’ll need a GPS on it.

Let me know how it goes,