Motor contoller PAC5xx hardware platform solution

Hello, I am investigating hardware solutions … Is there a hardware platform I can utilize to evaluate the PAC5xxx family of devices?

Hi Bret, thanks for your question!

To evaluate most PAC5xxx devices, Qorvo provides a robust lineup of Evaluation Kits which revolve around a PAC5xxxEVK module and an ET-UARTSWD module which provides high voltage isolation as well as serial communication interfacing. Combined with a Windows based Graphical User Interface, the PAC5xxxEVK evaluation platform can be quickly interconnected to most PC computers and drive most tri phase BLDC/PMSM motors in a matter of minutes. In parallel to the actual hardware solutions, prospective designers are welcome to download all EVK module build files (Gerbers, BOM, Schematic), as well as the actual Altium database. The Altium project is a great resource which allows a decent starting point when wanting to port a tested tri phase inverter implementation into a high power design revolving around the chosen PAC5xxx device. Wishing you good luck on your future motoristic endeavors!