More precision output from lec/les commands

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I am using 4 anchors and 1 tag to track the distance. However I am getting the output from the les/lec command with precision equals to two decimal points, is there any possibility that I can increase the precision to 3 decimal points using source code or by any other means? The purpose of this question is that I wanted to track the breathing rate of the person.

  • Satya

As far as I know the source code for PANs is not public, so one thing you can do is save the data and perform averaging.
I am currently checking out GitHub - Decawave/dwm1001-examples: Simple C examples for Decawave DWM1001 hardware so I can perform some modifications

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I doubt there will be any benefit while sticking to the PANs system.

The internal clock resolution in in the couple of mm region but when sitting stationary you normally get a bit of noise, the best I’ve seen is a standard deviation of around 3 cm. So without averaging you are going to get a cm or two of noise. Averaging will get rid of that noise but if the aim is to track something moving then averaging starts to hit issues.
You either need to measure very quickly or you need to do some curve fitting and track the motion.

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