More nosie when i use continue wave demo。

i made a board on dw1000. i try the example for continue wave.
the output as fellow:

the same program on dwm1000 is same like the api document.

could anyone can tell me , what problem on my board? thank you very much.

What’s your board layout like? Can you post an image of it? The DW1000 is very sensitive to layout issues.

now i upload top layer and bottom‘s image for you.

the bigger one chip is dw1000.

I hate to say it but your power bypassing on the main power inputs is probably not good enough. If you look at the layout guidelines the capacitors need to be far closer to the pins and you need to connect the two pins independently to avoid crosstalk rather than tieing them together.

Hard to be sure just looking at the images but assuming the schematic is identical to the examples my guess is that that is your issue.

Are the RF track widths/separations coming out of the chip correct for a differential pair on your stackup? They are probably short enough to not matter much but the ratio looks wrong to me.

thank you very much. this problem have been solved.