Monitor multiple tags location

I would like to monitor the location of several tags in a certain space.
I thought about two options to implement it ( i have the Trek1000 and the MDEK1000 kits) :

  1. To use the trek1000+EVKIT - 4 anchors , 2 tags ,connect one of the anchors to a computer and receive from from the anchor the ranges of the tags from all the anchors (i will implemnent the trilateration - is it possible ?
  2. Is it possible to do the aboved task using the MDEK ? (again, connecting to one of the anchors and get all the tags)

Thank you


Please read MDEK Quick Start Guide.

You can configure one unit as a “listener” and it will output any tag location it hears.


Thank you Zoran.

The listener is good for testing.

I don’t think its purpose is for “operational” use.

in the Track1000 there is a “Tracking mode” this is the mode I am looking for but with MDEK / Trek1000 + evkit, is it possible ?

Best regards


TREK and MDEK use different application protocols so they are not compatible, there will be Release 2 of MDEK with backhaul/network/gateway so the tags locations will be able to be set to a Web Client.