Mixed operation tag/ancor

Hi everybody,
I’m a beginner with DWM devices and need some help.
Is it possible to start a ranging from one TAG and use a second device to read the ranging request time and listen to the reply time?
E.g. with a set of three tags use a single ranging cycle for all the three TAGs.
TAG 1 send a raging request, TAGs 2&3 listen the request and start measuring the delay to the response.

Hi @Esperanto
could you bit more explain your use case? For now I would say that it is possible, but it will makes no sense as tags are moving and the T2&T3 will receive the timestamp form T1 in different time and you dont know the distance between T2&T1 and T3 &T1…

Best regards

If you play some games with the maths you can get some useful data that way.

I have set up a system set up where tag 1 repeatedly ranges to anchors 1-8.
If tag 2 is purely passive but knows the locations of the anchors then it can calculate both its location and the location of tag 1.

The accuracy isn’t as good and you need more anchors because you have a lot more unknowns to solve for but the basic concept works.

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