Missing idealized Diode possibility

I was wondering if there was any plan to create an idealized diode model with a conduction region-wise linear model like in LTspice :

The idealized Diode can be very useful when I do proof of concept simulation for switching power supply, because I am not interested on the diode behaviour but on other aspects of the circuit.

If there isn’t a plan of doing it, how could I do such a model using other means in Qspice ?

.model IdealDiode D(Ron=1n Roff=1G Vfwd=0 Vrev=1G)

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Thanks for you help @Rhino It is working, but it would be nice if it was documented in the help :slight_smile:

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Hello Rhino,

it is interesting because this help screenshot is form the LTspice with this ideal diode model and parameters and this ideal model is not mentioned in QSPICE manual. I tried and it still works anyway.

The LTspice and QSPICE behavior diodes are quite different. I’ll have to get around to documenting it.


Many thanks in advance for your hard work. Im am very interested in details. Better understanding would help me improving the conversion process of advanced 3rd party models.

As Mike updated the Help for Behavioral Diode Model, just quickly test those parameters and share with community.