Missing DWM1001 Bluetooth API Document


where can I find Buetooth BLE API documentation for the DWM1001 product?

In the DWM1001 API Guide document in section 2.5 API via BLE interface is only one sentence ([size=small][font=Calibri]This is described in DWM1001-Bletooth-API document. [/font][/size]) which mentions the DWM1001-Bluettot-API document but I couldn’t find it anywhere on your site.

Could Decawave provide a version of the Bluetooth API document (even if preliminary?). I’m at the point where having bluetooth to remotely read the DWM1001 module would be very helpfull!

Ditto on getting an early version of the Bluetooth API.

Bump this request please! I also need to perform BLE communication

Apologies but the document is not ready for public consumption.
Would the APK source code help with this or what information in particular do you need?

I am just getting started with interfacing to these modules through the UART. Primarily, I have been evaluating the position accuracy in different environments.

Its likely that these questions are already answered in the specs which are well written.

[]How does the DWM1001 handle security? After installing the anchors and setting their position via the Bluetooth interface, I need a way to insure that no one will come back and change the settings.
]With a three anchor system, if only one of the anchors is in range of the tag, is there a means to determine this? It seems that when one anchor is disabled, the anchor list command returns 0.

Hi Kenneth,

I would like to establish additional BLE services and characteristics through the nRF52832 so that I can send other information to my iOS/Android app. As I understand it now, it looks like the only service that is created by default is for X/Y positional data. We are looking to replace our current Bluetooth solution by integrating your module. Do either the PANS library, external BLE API, or a built-in Nordic allow for this? If so, I would appreciate either documentation or example source code that shows this.


Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for the useful project. I am also interested in using BLE to trigger specific messages and functions on the anchor but I lack the API level information to do so.
Is it possible to access header files for the static/dynamic libraries given with the dwm-simple example?

Thanks and congrats for the nice work!


When will a Bluetooth API Document be released?

Looking to connect iOS/Android apps via BLE. Need a C API and a simple sample app for detecting nodes, connecting to nodes, and receiving location and ranging at up to 10Hz refresh rates.

The Android app you have now is useful, but a MUCH SIMPLER example would be much more useful.

Bump… any ETA on this document?

I, too, am looking for further information on using the Bluetooth API. Looks like it’s a work in progress.


looking for the Bluetooth Documentation too. But want the Source Code too :wink:

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We need the BLE API document.