Mirroring Schematic Components, Left to Right

Is there a keyboard shortcut for mirroring components in the left to right orientation?

Something changed with the 180 degree orientation feature, within the last few days: It now rotates the component upside down rather than mirror it.

LTSpice allows you to both rotate a component 180 degrees and mirror it left to right.

All work as intended with at least todays update.
CTRL+M - mirror
CTRL+R - rotate

CNTRL + M does not do anything.
I’ve been keeping QSPICE updated every day.

Correction: Once a component is installed or “anchored” into the circuit, CNTRL + M stops working.

If the part is floating during initial placement and has not been “anchored” into the schematic then CMTRL +M works.

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You need place mouse pointer over component, then click and keep pressed left mouse button
and press CTRL+M.
But it is very not comportable… I`m about pressing CRTL+M with one hand.
Fortunatelly I use mirror very rare.