Minimum TX power


What is the minimum (not maximum) transmit power (TXpower) that I can set up for a DWM1001C module? Is there any available data showing module’s power consumption vs. transmit power settings? One of my goal is to reduce the power consumption of the module to minimum while keeping the comm. distance very short (<1m) for a particular application. Thanks, – I am new to decawave modules. I took a look at the forum about tx power limits, and most questions were about the maximum power.

Hi decadata,

Have you looked at the user manual for register 1e setting, section 7.2.31 Register file: 0x1E – Transmit Power Control ?

This register corresponds is used to control the Tx Power level.

The DWM1001C calibrated Tx power configuration will depends on unit, but basically we can take a mean setting of 0x25456585.

There is margin to reduce the power. Long frames will be sent with 0x25 setting, that corresponds to 17.5dB. You could reconfigure this byte to 0x80, that’s 6dB so a 11.5dB reduction.

I haven’t exact numbers for consumption reduction relatively to Tx power setting, but I would expect it not to be dominant.

Reducing the power will indeed reduce the consumption (not sure by how much), but I would expect that the main part of Tx power consumption will remain even at low Tx power levels.

Also note that Rx power will remain the same, and it is the highest power consumption for DW1000.

Hope it helps,