Migrating diagnostics (dwt_rxdiag_t) from dwm1000 to dwm3000


We are migrating from dwm1000 to dwm3000 and found there are some changes to dwt_rxdiag_t.
In dwm1000 api we use the following variables for dwt_rxdiag_t:
uint16 firstPathAmp1 ; // Amplitude at floor(index FP) + 1
uint16 firstPathAmp2 ; // Amplitude at floor(index FP) + 2
uint16 firstPathAmp3 ; // Amplitude at floor(index FP) + 3
uint16 rxPreamCount ; // Count of preamble symbols accumulated
uint16 firstPath ; // First path index (10.6 bits fixed point integer)
uint16 peakPath ; // Peak path index
uint16 peakAmp ; // peak amplitude

When migrated to dwm3000 APIs we used the following values instead:
uint32_t ipatovF1; // F1 for Ipatov sequence
uint32_t ipatovF2; // F2 for Ipatov sequence
uint32_t ipatovF3; // F3 for Ipatov sequence
uint16_t ipatovAccumCount; // Number accumulated symbols for Ipatov sequence
uint16_t ipatovFpIndex; // First path index for Ipatov sequence
uint32_t ipatovPeak; // index and amplitude of peak sample in Ipatov sequence CIR
Is this okay?

Also ipatovPeak now encompasses both index and amplitude of peak sample. Are the first 16 bits (bit0-bit15) reflecting index and last 16 bits (bit16-bit31) reflecting amplitude of peak sample?

Could someone please verify this, many thanks.