Migrating a Tag to another Network

If I migrate the Tag to another network, will its ID (x0C0D for example) change or is it something that comes from the hardware and remains constant at all times?

Also, my Python script delivers results from 3 tags from a ‘lep’ command. They all have the 1st field ‘0’.
I thought that this is the Tag Number assigned sequentially to the tags in the network, but now I see I was wrong. So what is this ‘0’ number?

Note: POS and the data and time are mine:

POS 2019/06/16 22:36:57 0 0E0C 1.99 1.43 0.10 64 x02

POS 2019/06/16 22:36:58 0 0921 1.89 2.40 0.54 61 x06

POS 2019/06/16 22:36:59 0 4BAA 1.16 1.82 0.89 77 x0B

Hi Securigy,

The code ID is linked with the DW1000 chip ID, so it is hardware dependent and will remain the same across networks.

Regarding the second point, I think this number will increment if you use the LEP command on a listener, and that the listener reports several tags. Then tags will be assign a sequential number. I’m not 100% sure about that, maybe double check.


That’s what I though (and read too) about the second point but in my case for all 3 tags the number is 0.

However, I am running this not by the book. Since I was not able to solder the dev-board to Raspi the connection between them with 2x13 header was shaky and instead I connected them with USB cable which works great to me. Although I can’t access dev-board with TeraTerm now I get great results by running the Python script. Maybe that;s the reason for all 0s ?