Microcontroller over serial port: EVB1000

Hi all,

I am able to replicate the basic serial connection, data receive, and trilateration functionality of the DecaRange RTLS PC program on a Raspberry Pi (or similar microcontroller) without the GUI functionality? Would this require a massive rewriting of the DecaRanging PC source code?

In the case that the PC Widget is inextricably written into the serial data stream, must I bypass the ARM processor and replicate that functionality on my Pi? I’m using the TREK1000 system. Can I build the TREK1000 source code on my Pi, or must I rewrite for the Pi? If I must rewrite, which source files and headers should I keep, which can I discard, which should I rewrite?

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The TREK source code describes how TREK works. Basically the TAG ranges to all anchors, while the Anchors communicate between them also.
Anchor 0 is the one which spills out all the data to the PC.
So, you could capture / process this data using the USB. SPI or UART (which requires green wiring).
The Trek algorithm we’re using is based on : [color=#1f497d][size=small][color=#0000ff]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trilateration[/color][/size][/color]

The option is to write/develop your solver/ GUI from scratch or use (parts of ) the source code available from our website

Hi Leo,

From what I understand, is Anchor 0 also listening for data from the other anchors in order to compute the tag location via the trilateration algorithm?

Hi ,
I suggest you read the source code guide to find out how it all works. You’d received that also when downloading the TREK Software package.