Metrics for tag to anchor connection?

I’m looking for a way in the API to tell how many anchors my tag can see, and if possible the strength of the connection. I know there is a quality metric that comes out with position but I have not found it that useful.

I pulled the number of anchors out of the dwm_loc_get command. Is there any explanation of what the quality number means?

Thank you

Hi @esteimle
the qf is a dimension less value and it came out from the location engine. The higher the better (max is 1) and it gets static with specific value when there are only three anchors for ranging.

The location engine always use only 3 distances to calculate the position, if it does ranging with 4 anchors then it calculate the position for all distances combinations. After position calculation it estimates how much the position fit with the used ranges => quality factor (QF). At the end of all calculations it compares the all QF and report back the solution with the highest QF.