Mesaure Distance in NLOS environment

Dear Decawave

i’m developing distance measurement module using dwm1000 in NLOS environment
(ex. mountain, road)

current i can measurement 15~25m in NLOS environment
but i need 30~50m
so i want to inquire about the setting value that can be changed for improve performance.

now my setup is like this
channel : 4, PRF : 64M, Preamble Length : 4096, preamble code : 17
Data Rate : 110k, NTM_1 : 7, NTM_2 : 3, LDE_REPC : 3

if i change TX/RX power setting value can i expect improved performance?

wait for good answer
thank you

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About your disappointing range.

First of all , you could increase the transmit power as decribed in the footnote on page 8 of the attached datasheet.
APS017_max_range_in_DW1000_systems_v1.1.pdf (562.5 KB)
DW1000_Datasheet_pdf.pdf (2.1 MB)

To achieve best results when using the DWM1000 with Decawave’s DecaRanging software, you will need to
adjust the default transmit power value programmed into the DWM1000 by the software. This is because

DecaRanging software is targeted at Decawave’s EVB1000 evaluation board which has a different RF path

compared to the DWM1000. You should increase the transmit power by approximately 3 dB.

Then 2ndly , PCB design may also cause range issues as described in the attached APS017 Application note.

Very Simple go to Chan 1 or Chan 2 to improve the range (only if your local country regulations allow you to go to these frequency channels).