Measure distance using DWM 1001 module

Hello Sir,

We are facing problems on updation of distance of the tagfrom the anchors using DWM1001. Inspite of detecting the anchor, the tag is not stopping and is continuing its motion.

We then thought of it being due to the acceleration by the vehicle. So we decided to stop the power midway and starting it again to prevent it from accelerating at a fast rate. In this case, the value of the tag is not getting updated even when it almost touches the nearest anchor.

I would be grateful if you kindly provide the solution for this problem.

Hi Dattatreyo,

your description is somewhat confusing for me. I actually do not understand at all your problem and what do you mean with problem being related with the acceleration of the vehicle.

Maybe it might help if you could provide more detailed description of your setup and of what you want to achieve. Some picture and floorplan might also help.