Measure distance only with Anchor and serveral tags

I am totally newbie for the UWB and would like to implement a distance measureing solution.
My concept is as below. Is it feasible? Should I add the gateway?

Hi @cdchoi
it is partially doable but you need to add a gateway. Important thing is that all measurement ends up in the TAG side and not at the Anchor/Bridge side. So when you need to see those measurements then Tag is automatically sending its calculated position (not measurements) to the bridge and bridge pass it to the MQTT via RPI. So in your case the TAG wont be able calculate its position (min anchors must be in range) and then the reported position in MQTT will be full of NaN. But you can write your own user app on Tag that will receive distance and then you can send it out as an IoT data.

To make this work you need following hardware: 1x anchor (initiator) + 1x bridge with rpi + TAGs.


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Thank you for your kind reply. I have a question. In our cicumstance, we can’t use Raspberry PI(becuase of operaintg temperature and price, etc). Can we get the IoT data without Raspberry PI?

I found someone did the similiar question and you leave a commnet as below.
[PANS Release 2 - Can passive tag report IOT data? - #4 by leapslabs]

Hi @cdchoi
unfortunately the RPi is now only the one possible way how to receive data from nodes.