MDEK1001 with ds-twr example

hello everyone!

I’m trying the use the example of ds-twr with the mdek1001 development board (api docs and segger IDE,…) just to see the difference between ds-twr and ss-twr. I know that PANS 2.0 uses the ss-twr and all the “advantages” but i wanted to see if there is a big difference between these typologies. I’ve already built my firmware for ss-twr but when i tried to use the ds-twr example (init and resp exacly equal as the example) i can’t obtain measures (only changing the values of timeout’s and stuff i could go furder but not getting on resp any measure). Does everyone tried use ds-twr and succed with this examples or did they need many changes to work?

Thanks in advance.

I already solve this problem in my case.