I am working through the API guide and having some trouble.
When I plug into PC, I see port assigned to COM9.
My terminal can connect ok and I can get the dwm> prompt but when I try to issue commands I do not get correct result (Baud = 115200).

For instance, example shows command as “gs 13” and enter key to set GPIO, when I try this I get echo of command but no ack like shown in manual. I am sending acsii “gs 13” (without quotes) and then hex value 0x13 for enter.

Also, this command shows the ascii format but I cannot find the ascii code for other commands like get position.

Also a bit confused with interface mode. If I send 0x0d twice I get the ascii prompt, if I want to leave ascii mode back to TLV mode I send quit and enter but just get echo back of “quit” and it still has same prompt.

Is there another document with more verbose examples and a listing of the ascii commands as well as the TLV format (hex) command?


Hi Orbit,

If you use the command “help”, do you have any answer from your device ?

It should list all the uart shell commands.

Thank you,

Thanks Yves,

I managed to get the general mode running and talk to it using hex commands.

The datasheet explains you can get range to a single anchor from a tag but I cannot find the command to read the distance, what command reads the distance to a single anchor ?