MDEK1001 test setup very slow update

I have setup a 4 anchor and 1 tag system in a single room as shown in the MDEK1001 user manual.
1 anchor is set as Initiator and I have set the location of the anchors manually. I also have added 1 gateway using the RPI as shown in the manual. The update rate of the tag is set to 10 Hz. The position is shown correctly on both the Android tablet and on the web page, however when I move the tag to a new location it takes up to 45 seconds (or more) for it to move to the new spot on both the tablet and the web page. It will change position in little steps until it reaches the final spot. What would cause this. I need almost real time position indication.

Update. With further testing, out of frustration I dropped the tag on the table and the dot went to the new location immediately. If I drop or hit the tag at its new location I get a rapid position change indication. Hmmm. Accelerometer maybe?

Disabling stationary detection fixes the issue, but I am wondering if there is a sensitivity setting for motion detect. It seems it takes a really good bump for the tag it detect motion.

Hi @radioman1000
well its always good to start with manual :sunglasses: . By default there is enabled stationary mode - when the TN is not moving for some time it switch to slow update rate. You can change this update rate by Android/ web/shell/binary API or you can disable this feature.

Regarding the sensitivity settings there are three options:
shell command: scs
Stationary configuration set. Sets sensitivity (valid args are 0,1,2).


Thanks. Manual is not always clear and sometimes vague.
I guess 2 is less sensitive ???

Stationary configuration set. Sets sensitivity (valid args are 0,1,2).
dwm> scs 1 ok

Hi @radioman1000
it took me 10 sec to find it in DWM1001 Firmware API Guide :sunglasses: (as I don’t recall everything) .

4.4.10 stnry_sensitivity
1-byte stationary sensitivity. The threshold configuration of the on-board accelerometer module.
stnry_sensitivity = 8-bit integer, valid values:

0: low [512 mg]
1: normal [2048 mg]
2: high [4064 mg]