MDEK1001 Tag Positions Data Lost

Hi Guys:
I’m used MDEK1001 one month , I tested the MDEK1001 functions a lot on an robot platfrom,now I get into trouble:[color=#ff6666][size=medium]MDEK1001 tag positions data will lost if receive a long time,in that time i observe the tag restart [/size][/color] .Did anyone had the same problems,Can anyone help, please?Thank you. :slight_smile: my email
Used 1 tag and 7 anchors ,stm32f103zet6 uart communicate with tag,100ms interval time to get loc positions data ,the tag’s Normal update rete set to 200ms/5Hz.
The attachment three pictures show the datalog different. UWB moving data lost picture,Encoder mileage meter data record picture ,excel uwb data log screenshot.
[attachment=242] [attachment=243] [attachment=244]

Hi Xiao,

I haven’t observed similar behavior so far. Are yo sure the tag is able to calculate its position in those area ? Does it range to at least 3 anchors ?

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Hi Yves
Thank you for you answer,I think the tag is able to calulate its postion in those area,because the [color=#333333]anchors interval longest is 21 [color=#333333][font=Arial,]meters which is within the measurement range,when tag normal work there are 3 or 4 anchor data received。I oberved when the problems occured,the DWM1001’s led D11 stop blink,and tag stop receive data(my robot RX indicate led stop blink) ,then about 10 seconds later,the tag return to work。[/font][/color][/color]
[color=#333333][color=#333333][font=Arial,] I have try to change the [color=#333333]interval time longer to get loc positions data,but observed that the problems are [color=#333333]just [/color]getting longer,it happend yet.[/color][/font][/color][/color]

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Today I do some tests to find out the reason why sometimes the location data lost .
1,Abnormal power supply reasons?I use lithium battery 16340 to replace usb 5V power before used, data lost problems still reappear.
2,Static movement test.just not moving,ask location get interval time is 100ms,continue 20 minutes ,data lost twice ,on that moment,there are no any bytes receive back from tag, about 10 seconds ,receive normal location data from tag.
3,confirm tag range to at least 3 anchors .print the anchors numbers after call the dwm_loc_get() fuction .all is 3 or 4 except the problem occurred.
4,signal disturb.there has wifi in uwb range,my be this reason ? next i will change the place to test .

Today i change the test place ,which i thank have no electromagnetic interference .
Use four anchors and one tag, 6m*6m rectangle range.use serial debugging assistant to send loc get bytes 100ms interval time.
To my disappointed, the tag data lost problem still occur sometimes,the next two pictures show the unnormal state. The first picture we can obesered the D13 led and D9 led stop light(normal is blink) and tag did not receive any bytes this moment.
The second picture show after 5-10 seconds ,the tag from unnormal state to normal state receive the data ,annalyze these data bytes ,we find that tag receive zero anchor data,and then receive 3 anchors data bytes,then receive 4 anchors data bytes.
[color=#333333][font=Arial,] I hope someone else can test for a long time (about 30 minutes or longer),and observe the data bytes ,may you will found this problem.[/font][/color]
[color=#333333][font=Arial,] if anyone have the same problem or advise ,let me know,thanks.[/font][/color]