MDEK1001 stops USB communication after some time (1-3 weeks)


we are currently using the MDEK1001 for our indoor navigation solution. Lately we are encountering more and more modules, where the USB communication between the DWM1001 and the PC (Intel x86, Ubuntu 20.04LTS) stops working. We are not able to communicate to the module anymore, until the DWM1001 gets a power cycle. Rebooting the PC doesn´t solve the issue. We started tests on different hardware configurations and can reproduce that behavior. For example, on a Dell Laptop with Windows 10(10.0.19044 Build 19044), the USB communication stops after ~3-4 Weeks continuous running.
While we can not power cycle the USB Ports on our product, that causes some serious trouble for us because an employee has to power cycle manually to get the navigation working again.
Due to our investigation, the serial communication between DWM1001c and STM32 is still running. The software on the DWM1001c doesn´t get stuck. So we conclude it could be something related to the STM32 USB/UART microcontroller.

Is there anything know about such behavior?

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Hi @Marius
yes this is a known Segger firmware issue. There is a “easy” solution for this - download & install Segger Jlink tools (SEGGER - The Embedded Experts - Downloads - J-Link / J-Trace). Plug the Dev board into the PC and then run Jlink Configuration software - you should see there your DEV kit. Hit Select all button and then hit button “Update firmware of selected probes and programmers”. This should do the magic.

FYI: Devkits are sold only for evaluating and development purposes and using them as end product violates devkit licenses.


Hi JK,

thanks for your fast reply and input, we will try that ASAP.

Thank you also for your hint, we are aware of that and still in evaluating phase.

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