MDEK1001 Slow action and unstable communication


I have the following problem in evaluating the MDEK1001.

The system is working somehow but it is very unstable.
The response time is very slow and it doesn’t respond sometimes.

I am using an Android Tablet for controlling the system.
And the Android Tablet is being connected to one anchor through BLE.
Even if the connected anchor is changed to other anchor, the result was the same.

Therefore, I believe that the hardware is OK but the software might have bugs or we are using inappropriate software.

(Detailed Description)

  1. Test Configuration is as follows.
    Four anchors and two tags are configured through the Android Tablet.

  1. What is problem?
    It takes time until the measurement result is obtained, and the distance cannot be measured in real time. It may take 1 minute for communication to stabilize, or nothing may be displayed.

    There are only two antenna indications for BLE communication.
    Please refer to the attached antena_indications.png.

When viewed in Grid mode, each tag (both anchor and tag) turns gray or changes in color in an unstable manner.
Please refer to the attached color_change.png

This phenomenon occurs whether the distance between the tag and the tablet is 10cm or 6m.
No error message is displayed on the application.
So, communications seem to be unstable.
  1. Application software
    I downloaded the latest application software from MFG’s website and installed it to the Android Tablet.
    Application Name: DRTLS_Manager_R2.apk
    Version 14(1045)
    firmware: 1.3.0
    build time: 03/29/2019

  2. OS on the Android Tablet being used
    android ver. 6.0.1
    (Nexus 7)

I think the problem is a combination of application software and Android OS version.

Could you give us advice to solve this problem?

Thank you.

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Use the mobile app only for setup process.
mobile app needs to have live BLE connection to receive location updates. and the BLE range is very low, once you cross 10-15 meters you will lose connectivity.

You should setup the gateway using Raspberry Pi to be able to see a more reliable location.