MDEK1001 Seat Number Issue


I have an MDEK1001 kit, and I’m having some issues with one of the modules. It is configured as an anchor, but always gets assigned seat number -1. The other three anchors have valid seat numbers, and tag localization works.

How do I connect this anchor?

There are well under 16 modules in the network, and the modules are close together with decent LOS. Using the android app, everything is in the same network. When I replace the -1 anchor with a different module, it gets a normal valid seat number. When I set the -1 anchor to be a tag, it works as a tag, ruling out antenna issues. When I make the -1 anchor the initiator, it gets a seat number of 0 but all other anchors get -1. Everything is using operating firmware FW2.

Is there something wrong with this module, or do I need to change something in software, or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for the help.

Hi Molly,

Can you double check the device is set to the correct panId ?

Thank you,

Hi Yves,

Thank you for your response! In the app, the devices are all in the same network, so I think that means they have the correct panId (change PANID). Unless I’m misinterpreting that.

Hi Molly,

Yes you are right, if they belong to the same network then they have the same PanID. I’m not quite sure what the issue is.

Is the device definitely set as active anchor and not passive ? Could you re-flash all device with the firmware from release 2 ? It is possible they don’t operate the same firmware. In that case the device would not be able to join the network.