Mdek1001 range

Y Hi, we just got an mdek1001 kit and we are trying the Android app on a samsung tab T580.
The issue we are having is that if I cover the line of sight of thet tag to one of the anchors with my body, tag dissapears from the android map immediately. We didnt have this issues withthe old dwm1000.
Setup is 4x4 meters square with tags in esch corner. Z=0 for all anchors.
Any ideas much appreciated.

This may be BLE related not UWB.
Setup a unit in listener/passive mode and connect it to a PC via USB, open a terminal program and set 115200-8-n-1, hit enter twice within 1 second…
Run the ‘les’ or ‘lec’ command and verify if the Tag disappears there. If not, then the disappearing tag is due to BLE.

Thanks for your reply, tested and its the UWB.

We also tried with a new set of MDEK1001 and the same happens, I’m curious whats going on since UWB should traverse body without any problems?

I missed it the first time but the Z=0 could be the cause. Can you just elevate the Anchors, normally in a room I have them at 2m height.

UWB traversing the body is actually a problem, because HF waves and water (of which the human body contains a lot) don’t like each other.
That is why anchors should be placed high enough to compensate this issue.

If you carry a tag with you, the chance is the direct path to one of the anchors will be blocked by body, regardless of the height of anchors.

Hi,Kenneth,in passive mode,does the ‘les’ (or ‘lec’ )command run in the same way as descriped in API Guide?Or they have different codes with active mode.
If not the same,where can I find the detailed description of ‘les’ and ‘lec’ command in passive mode?