Mdek1001 Port Setup

I’m using Mdek1001 kit and wrote a C# console app to read the data from USB serial Port with the 'lep" command. In c# I try the following code:
if (mySerialPort.IsOpen == true)
mySerialPort.DataReceived += MySerialPort_DataReceived;
(I’ve setup the port as required with he correct settings)

I don’t get any data from the serial port, but if I run TeraTerm first and receiving the tag positions, my program receive the coordinates.

What C# code must I use to “activate” or initialize the port to receive data?

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Hi FrankLee

Thank you for your reply.

I’ve change it according your suggestion, but it still don’t receive any coordinates from the listener

Things to check -

  1. Check if you are getting signals from anchors
  2. In windows \r (carriage return worked for me )
  3. You have to add delay code before you execute any command when entering into shell mode

mySerialPort.Write("\r\r"); Thread.Sleep(3000); mySerialPort.Write("lep\r");

  1. If the above doesnt solve your problem , check if commands are sent in utf-8 format