MDEK1001 network

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I yesterday posted named ‘MDEK1001 configuration for wide area’ and had replies from experts and it was so nice. Thanks again for your concern and kindness.
Here is my another technical question. Please see the attached, which is just one page and includes my questions.
In brief, according to the manual of DWM1001 system overview, 13th page, Figure 2: DRTLS network, an Anchor can be set as “Routing Anchor Node”. My main question is that MDEK1001 also can be set as ‘Routing Anchor Node’ ???

Please share your knowledge and experience one more time. Your comments must be very helpful. I should give an answer to my customer if I can develop the DRTLS using MDEK1001 in a few days.

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Hi Kim,

Please see answer below :

  1. With the current released version of PANS (rtls stack for DWM1001) the routing anchor mode is not available yet.

  2. No possible at the moment.

  3. It is not possible for customer to develop their own routing anchor mode as it would require a large change in the low level layer of the PANS application. What you can do is developing a custom gateway based on the listener.

  4. The initial plan was to release a new version of the software adding the routing anchor feature. To date, we haven’t reached the level of maturity expected regarding this feature. There will be a new release in the near future adding the gateway functionality but I can comment yet if it will add the routing anchor functionality.

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Dear Yves Bernard

Many thanks for your answers. Your answers made us(my colleague; a developer and myself) have clear understandings and how to discuss with my customer as well. It seems that we need to do something extra works for developing our system. Thank you again for your help and those short experience and knowledge from you and other forum helpers may help other potential Korean users. I may help them if necessary.

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