MDEK1001 - Multiple anchors in different rooms

Hi All,

I’m interested in purchasing a MDEK1001 evaluation kit but I would like to clear a question before I do so.

Let’s assume we have 2 rooms separated by a narrow corridor and we deploy 4 anchors in each room (as illustrated in the attachment). The idea is that when a tag is in Room 1, it determines its 2D location relative to anchors 1 to 4 only. Once the tag exits room 1, traverses the corridor and enters room 2, the tag then determines its 2D location relative to anchors 5 to 8 only.

Is this kind of setup possible with a MDEK1001 kit?

Thank you.

This set up should be possible, but you will need an anchor or two in the corridor to join the two areas together if you want the whole space to be one “network”.

Hello. I have a question regarding this setup, Can tag locate itself if I don’t put an anchor to the corridor, and therefore create two seperate networks? Would this setup work in realtime, i.e. can tag adapt itself to different network panIDs in realtime?

Hi @nevinsehbal
the TN byt itself can work only with one PANID. If those anchors(networks) are not in range then you can have the same PANID in both networks.