MDEK1001 - Multipe rooms and multiple Gateways, anchor placement and config

I have a technical drawing as the example below. But the UWB tracking should only be available in two rooms, I have the actual measurement of the two rooms (displayed in red) in meters calculated and want to place the anchors as show.
I am aware that I need to use two gateways as the rooms are on different floors and are not in radio reach of each other

I want to be able that the system detects if a Tag is located in either room A or B and of course it’s position in the room.
The measurements taken should be received via MQTT within the application I have written and display the TAG accordingly

At the moment I have create one 1 network and as I understood the two gateways need to be in the same network anyway.

I have the following questions, how to configure the system.

  1. How does the system determine in which “subnetwork/room” a tag is located as when I look at the mqtt message, there is no information of which anchor is detecting the tag or which anchor is detected by the tag. how can i get this information?
    “dwm/node/858b/uplink/location b'{"position" {"x":0.78748477,"y":-.297379,"z":2.596518,"quality":98},"superFrameNumber":674}'”

  2. when I place the anchor I assume each room needs it’s own initiator, since the two rooms don’t reach each other via radio signal. Can I configure the initiator’s position as 0.0 in each room and than place the other anchors in the same room base on the distance I have calculated ?

thanks you.

Hi @sts
let me help you here. I dont see any potential issues with your setup. Just in my opinion (and if it is possible) I would place the Gateway i to the center of the room and not near the edge of the room - it will have a better coverage.

re 1) It dont actually - you need to have the same PANID in both rooms. But as a room separator you can put some offset in some axis. Like the room 1 will start at 0,0,0 position and the second room will be at 0,0,10 so from the Z axsis you can determine the room with the tag.

re 2) As they are not in range the initiators can have the same position - the system dont mind. But with the regards of 1) I would recommend you to do some offset so you can determine the room.


thank you very much for this solution.