MDEK1001 kit APK not working

I recently purchased one of their UWB kits, the MDEK1001, for positioning. After receiving it I followed the instructions and installed the APK on my mobile phone, but there seems to be some kind of incompatibility. When doing the discovery of the devices it doesn’t find anything and I get a series of errors in the application.

The android version for my phone is Android 10.

What could this bug be due to? How could I fix it? Is there a newer version of the APK that fixes these problems? Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Thank you in advance

Hi @alvaro
unfortunately thee is no newer build for the DRTLS manager. I would recommend you to try it with different Android phone.

Which kind of phone do you have? The Android 10 should be ok, but some phone vendors have poor BT drivers…


Hi @leapslabs
Thank you for your response. My phone model is a Samsung Galaxy S9+, I don’t know if this could be a problem. I will try to get another phone for testing.


Hello again @leapslabs
I have repeated the tests on a different phone and I get the same error. The two phones I used are a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a Pixel 3a.
Attached is a screenshot of the error in case it helps.
Thanks again.

Hi @alvaro
this seems that you are using old PANS software. Please update it to the latest one - you can find it here:
DWM1001C Software and Documentation Pack
the hex name is DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex


Thank you very much, I will try with that new software. I thoungt I had the lastest version…

Best regards

Have you tried it out with a new software?

Yes, I have tried it with the new software and it works now.
Thank you very much!


That’s great to hear.