MDEK1001 Increase Tag scalability from 150 to 300 and 1Hz rate

Understand that the system capacity is 150Hz; 150 Tags @ 1Hz, 300 Tags * 0.5Hz and so on… We want to support 300 Tags at 1Hz rate or even higher. In our system solution there is no need for the gateway and hence the bridge slots in the superframe are not required. Understand this is a custom solution. But do we have control to add/re-use not required slots in the superframe for the additional 150 tags TWR? Could not locate the source files where we can change the structure. Please revert back.
Sandeep Suresh

Hi Sanseep Suresh,

We do not provide source doe for the RTLS library for DWM1001 (so called PANS). Such customization is not possible.

You may reach the performance you are looking for with a fully custom scheme, but it may require extensive resources to be developed.

Thank you,

Hi Sandeep,

your requirements we will be able to provide with our more advanced system called LEAPS. It is under development. Please subscribe via our website to get informed when the system will be available:

Cheers, TDK