MDEK1001 Get raw 4 anchors' distance data from a tag via MQTT

Hi All,
I would like to get raw 4 anchors’ distance data from a tag to implement our algorithm, but from document p.27 as follow: Dwm1001 gateway quick deployment guide
We can only get location data(only x,y,z axis data) via MQTT broker(on Raspberry pi),
How do I get these raw data? or Which part of DWM1001 module/Raspberry-pi should I modify?

Hi Tomlu,

Please download the R2 release, and in the dwm1001_on_board_package, you will find an example that will send the ranges through uplink data:


Hi @Yves_Bernard i tried to upload the example dwm-range-iot into the device (tag). how the tag become crazy (update the location in a very fast frequency and i cannot set the update rate through DRTLS Web manager). and i cannot see the iot data from the web manager either. could you please help me. thank you

@ Kenneth_Dwyer_DW
hi kenneth, i am sorry to bother you again. However, i look through all the document of DWM1001 and have no idea on it.
after i flash the dwm-range-iot into the tag device. I cannot do any configuration for the tag, like i cannot change the update rate, i cannot change the tag to anchor. once i change the configuration and press save button. it go back to former setting again.
i don’t know what happened
please help me.
thank you