MDEK1001 Get raw 4 anchors' distance data from a tag via MQTT

Hi All,
I would like to get raw 4 anchors’ distance data from a tag to implement our algorithm, but from document p.27 as follow: Dwm1001 gateway quick deployment guide
We can only get location data(only x,y,z axis data) via MQTT broker(on Raspberry pi),
How do I get these raw data? or Which part of DWM1001 module/Raspberry-pi should I modify?

Hi Tomlu,

Please download the R2 release, and in the dwm1001_on_board_package, you will find an example that will send the ranges through uplink data:


Hi @Yves_Bernard i tried to upload the example dwm-range-iot into the device (tag). how the tag become crazy (update the location in a very fast frequency and i cannot set the update rate through DRTLS Web manager). and i cannot see the iot data from the web manager either. could you please help me. thank you

@ Kenneth_Dwyer_DW
hi kenneth, i am sorry to bother you again. However, i look through all the document of DWM1001 and have no idea on it.
after i flash the dwm-range-iot into the tag device. I cannot do any configuration for the tag, like i cannot change the update rate, i cannot change the tag to anchor. once i change the configuration and press save button. it go back to former setting again.
i don’t know what happened
please help me.
thank you

I also have this problem, could you explain in more detail how to apply the dwm-range-iot example?


Hi @laura.ece
what kind of problem do you exactly have?



I have 4 anchors, 2 tags and 1 bridge node in my raspberry pi 3b+. I want to send distances between the tag and each anchor via mqtt. I’ve tried the example dwm-range-iot but I’m a bit lost in what to change in the code of this example, and then when executing it in SEGGER once the relevant parts of the code have been changed I must connect J-link to the brigge node and then in the “Target” section click on “Download dwm- range-iot”? After that, would I receive these distances by MQTT? Please help me with this problem.

Hi @laura.ece
your problem is in the Raspberry PI 3B+ - the only one supported raspberry Pi is 3B (not plus version). The Plus version introduced Gigabit ethernet over internal USB and that makes the dwm kernel module impossible to run correctly.

So in your case you need to get Raspberry Pi 3B and then flash normal FW into the DWM1001 modules and it should work OK.


Sorry I was wrong, my version is the raspberry pi 3b. My problem is in what I have commented before.

Hi @laura.ece
I have re-read you post.

re Rpi) OK

Re send distances to the anchors) There is no easy way how to do that, you can use the iot example but you will send the distances to the MQTT where you need to write an application that will receive those distances and forward them to the anchor. But with the regards to the IoT data anchor have super slow update rate for IoT data so you will be able to send one data package per few seconds and that it will make quite unusable.