MDEK1001 Firmware Source Code

Hi all guys!
We are interested in using MDEK1001 Development Kit to set-up a Proof of Concept for an indoor localization architecture inside a warehouse environment.

Assuming tests will produce positive results and, subsequently, we will want to switch into a commercial product, we would like to know if Decawave can provide us the RTLS firmware source code, so we could manage it to fit better our specifications (I think, reading the website, that only firmware binary file is provided with the kit).

This question is also related to the fact that, some time ago, we used TREK1000 kit for another application and, in that case, Decawave provided us with its RTLS firmware.

Thanks for the support,

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also me,
could you please provide us with DWM1001 board firmware, like the examples code ?!

hi Yaves, could you help us please?


Please find all collateral there :

The PANS software is provided as a binary and unfortunately we cannot provide the source code.