MDEK1001 Effective Distance outside Issue

I found that the effective distance of MDEK1001 is less than 40m at the communication test. (UWB Active)

Further than that, TAG and ANCHOR lost their communication.

To communicate with UWB at a longer distance, I would like to raise Tx Power of TAG.

I used ‘Tera Term’ to enter ‘utpg’ and ‘utps’ commands, but all of them were ‘non-existent’.

I’d like to know how to increase the Tx Power of MDEK1001, or I’d like to know how to increase the effective communication distance of MDEK1001.

Please answer me.

(The test was conducted in a large open space.)

Hello onedaykkang

Could you tell us what version of PANS (firmware on the MDEK10001) you are using?
The utpg and utps commands should be available in PANS R2. Note that increasing the TX power could cause issues with certification ans should only be done in test environments.

What orientation are you using and is the MDEK10001 placed in an additional enclosure? A non-optimal orientation or additional material around the antenna could impact the performance of the devices.

In addition to Seppe’s comment, I would like to highlight that 40meters with MDEK/Panis aligned with the expected maximum range for this product.

Note that the recommended range between anchors and tags for a RTLS system using PANS/MDEK is 25m between anchors. 30 meters can work depending on environment but may lead to reduced performance.

Increasing the power is possible but the product will most likely emit more than the regulation allows. Indeed MDEK running PANS are already configured so they transmit at the maximum they can while complying with regulations.


Hi @seppe, what would be the optimal orientation of anchors and initiator, and tag? Thanks.