MDEK1001 Devleopment kit Change config


I am testing with the MDEK1001 development kit as described in the User Guide document.

I want to change the UWB setting. Can I use SEGGER Embedded Studio? I wonder if I need an additional Nordic SDK tool.
I downloaded the DWM1001_on_board_package_R2.0 example code. Is it possible to change UWB settings? Or should I use another example code?
And I know that the MDEk1001 Core MCU uses Nordic, and the Trek1000 uses the STM32F105rc. Is it possible to use RTLS normally if the UWB configuration is the same even if the MCU is different?

I would appreciate your reply.
Thank you.

I’m curious about it too. I did some digging in the forum and as far as I understood it’s quite simple on the dmw1000 module but 1001 needs a lot more firmware tinkering, and not possible with pans2.
Any info is appreciated.