MDEK1001 Dev Kit Mapping

Hi everyone,

I want to use MDEK1001 Dev Kit for UWB indoor localization than I’ll buy for it.

My question is " can i mapping with this Dev Kit by using Pyhton or another software language ? " If it is yes, Can you share the examples with us.

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Hi @hakankaradeniz
Im not sure what is your point. But there is no official examples for python.


Hi @hakankaradeniz
As per the user manual of MDEK1001, it is possible to do indoor mapping.
The user manual mentions an app which allows you to monitor the location on a smartphone or tablet.
Using Raspeberry Pi it is possible to confiure a PC/Laptop for location of the tags.

In the app, a log is generated for the location of all tags as per settings, I am working on this log data using Python to generate customized plots of tags.
I am also working with MDEK1001 for mapping. Could you share what exactly are you working on?

Hope this helps
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Saksham Mishra