MDEK1001 Dev Kit - Battery

For those who are unaware when you insert the battery (3.7V) into plastic enclosure of the DWM1001 Dev Board - it will last less than 24 hours - more closely to 20-21 hours.

Hi securigy

Thanks for sharing your findings.

This 20h figure sounds accurate for anchors or maybe tag configured in standard mode with 10Hz update rate, but please note those modes are not optimised for battery life.

Anchors are meant to be powered by main and not by batteries.

Regarding tags, the best power consumption can be reached when using low power mode with a reduced update rate such as 1Hz or less if it suits the application.



the DWM1001-DEV board contains also other electronics and it feeds also other components independently on the operating mode. So you should not use it for evaluation of the power consumption.


What is the best battery consumption one can expect at 1Hz and how many time is that a minute?