MDEK1001 Coverage and speed

What is the maximum distance you can have between anchors?

Can you simply add anchors to cover larger width/length of the monitored area?

How many Tags can you have within the anchor areas for 10Hz update?

Does the 10Hz mean a single update in 100ms or ALL tags updated in the area within 100ms?
ie. If I have say 10 Tags, what is the fastest time to detect position of them all.


When the Anchors are correctly positioned with good line of sight, then the UWB range is typically 60 meters.
The system capacity is 150Hz so 15 tags @10Hz is supported, the Tags will share air time and with the use of accelerometer, tags that are not moving can back off their update rate. The ‘DWM1001 System Overview’ document is worth a read it has all these details and discusses network topologies and expansion.


Thank you Ken,

I taken an initial look at the documentation and this is my understanding so far (please correct me if I am wrong).

The Anchors can be placed up to maximum distance of 60 apart from each other and should be in line of sight with each other and located up high as possible at same height
One of the Tags is an “Initiator” that supplies master synch timing. All Anchors in direct range are level 1 clocked, anchors in range of the level 1 devices are level 2 and get synch from the level 1 anchors etc. I can have up to 16 Anchors anchors (0-15) without need to worry about special addressing (reusing anchor numbers etc).

If I set up a Tag as a listener then ALL Tag locations in the network will be available to a PC host (or the Tablet( via this single Listener device).

If I have say 20 Tags then location update for each tag will be around 0.2 seconds (150hz/number of Tags)

  1. you need to set up one anchor as an initiator
  2. if you have 16 anchors within range (i.e. they can all hear each other) then you will not be able to add any more. Any other anchors placed in the same area will not be able to join the network. (you should not need so many anchors all within range of each other)
  3. you should probably have them 50m apart (LOS) just so that you are not on the edge of comms range
  4. the system supports 150 Hz… you need to adjust tag location rate so that you don’t exceed capacity… if you exceed capacity the tags will compete (1st come 1st served basis) and once capacity limit is reached any new tags will not be able to be located.
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I am not able to access the document through the link. Can you please re-share the link or the path to the document.


Here it is