MDEK1001 compatibility with other UWB systems

Hello everyone,

Currently we doing a research project and using MDEK1001 for RTLS, but in the future we might have to integrate other providers of RTLS. 2 questions arise here:

  1. are Decawave UWB systems (MDEK1001 in this case) compatible with other UWB systems?
  2. i read somewhere in the forum that there are multiple channels for communications, is this also available in MDEK1001 ? and if so where can you please point me to a guide on how to do that?


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Hi Haitham,

The hardware used within MDEK is based on the dwm1001, a module which is optimized for Channel 5 communication. With a custom firmware, you could decide to use a different channel and PRF which will help to have co-existence of systems.

When using PANS firmware for dwm1001 (the rtls stack provided with MDEK by default), the software is designed to use CH5 PRF64 and this cannot be modified. The coexistence with other PANS network is possible, but any other UWB network transmitting on CH5 PRF64 may interfere with a PANS network and prevent it from performing correctly.

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