MDEK1001 came without firmware on J-Link debugger

Hi everyone,

The MDEK1001 Kit I bought from a reputable distributor (Digikey) seems to have firmware loaded onto the DWM1001C module, but not on the J-Link debugger. Is this normal?

AFAIK, the MDEK1001 kit is supposed to come with 12x DWM1001-DEV boards, not DWM1001C-DEV (without firmware) boards. All the boards in my kit were labeled with stickers that say “DWM1001C” (both on the plastic case and on the module itself). Interestingly, the DWM1001C modules actually have firmware on them since I was able to connect through Bluetooth using Android app and was able to set up a RTLS network.

However, when I tried to access the serial interface on the boards using the USB cable, the J-Link debugger could not be detected on the host PC even though the Segger J-Link drivers were installed. When plugged in, the board was not even enumerated as an “unknown device” or similar, so I suspect that there is no firmware loaded on the STM32F072 (J-Link debugger).

Has anyone else had this same problem? If you have a MDEK kit, can you please confirm if it’s supposed to come with all firmware loaded (on both the DWM1001 module and J-Link debugger)?


That should not be the case. First case we have heard of. MDEKs do come programmed with R2 code so that is expected

Have you other MDEKs units that enumerate?
Can you post a few pics of the problematic units.


Hi Ken,

I’ve attached a picture of one of the units that I’ve removed from the plastic case. It’s labeled as DWM1001C on the module.
I’ve also attached a picture of a few more of the units that came in the MDEK1001 box. They are all labeled DWM1001C on the back of the plastic case. All of the units I’ve tested are unable to enumerate.


Did you try using a different micro-USB cable? Preferably one that is known to work for data communications. Sometimes micro USB cables are only designed for charging and data transfer functionality is limited or nonfunctional due to the manufacturer of the cable cutting corners.

Did you also ensure to install the required drivers? Windows 10 should automatically configure the COM port, but other OS or different versions of Windows might not automatically configure the correct driver. Installing the J-Link Software and documentation pack could resolve this.

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Thanks for the tip, seppe. Turns out it was an issue with the cable I was using, silly me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I switched to a different cable and was able to access the UART over the J-Link debugger.


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