MDEK1001 bluetooth range


We are starting a project with the Decawave positioning system in an open outdoor environment and I wonder what is the maximum range between the devices and the tablet? If we have Bluetooth v5 on our tablet, can we use these capabilities to extend our range? It looks like the nRF52832 has hardware support on-chip for Bluetooth 5. Can we use it?

Is there a maximum number of devices we can connect to a tablet?

Thank you

Hi mcarigan,

PANS is using the following Nordic softdevice : s132_nrf52_3.0.0_softdevice.

I’m not sure about the range, maybe double check the nordic documentation for numbers.

If you wish to stick with the PANS firmware then it I don’t think it will be possible to use Bluetooth 5 as there is no plan to update the firmware to support it.

I think the number of devices than can connect to the tablet usually depends on the android device itself. I have tried the app with different smartphones and the maximum number of simultaneous device was not the same for each. I would say 4-5 devices maximum for real time location.

Thank you,

Hi Yves,

Thank you for your reply. Bluetooth is not a good option for us since we plan to stick with the PANS software and we have to track at least 12 tags at the same time.

I think we will use one listener with each anchor on the field to record data for our tags. Each listener will be connected to a pc to send data to a server.

Do you think this is a possible setup?

For us this seems to be a temporary solution while we wait for PANS v2.

Thank you

Yes it sounds like a good plan to use listener. You may need a bit less than one per anchor which sound very conservative.