MDEK1001 beginner questions

Hello all,
I have some questions regarding the MDEK1001 development kit.

The anchors were placed in a rectangular room above head height as asked in the manual, and the locations of the anchors marked in the app. However, although placed in a rectangular shape and placed well within the 30m constraint, the app seems to not show the anchors in a rectangular shape?

As I am not too familiar with this kit, I am confused as to why it shows a trapezoidal type of shape instead. The tag’s movements are also not being sensed for some reason? From what I am aware all four anchors and the tag have batteries are connected to the network.

I was hoping that this is some beginners mistake that someone could help with?


Hi @TeamHawks

could you post some drawing of the floor plan? At the beginning you should reduce the anchor separation to cca 20m. 30m might be a doable but don’t forget that on diagonal cca 42m and that is beyond the system capability.

For such a large system don’t use auto positioning - it might not work well as the auto positioning is only for demo purpose. The best here is to aim & set position manually.

Please also note that the android app is using BLE for communication and 30m distance is far beyond the BLE operating distance. Then for updating anchors position/status you need to go closer to the anchor. The same it is for the TN, the TN must be near the android app.


Hi @leapslabs ,
Thanks for your reply! It’s actually working now – perhaps there was a different issue at hand. Whatever it was, it seems to be fixed now. Thank you for your advice, though!